Art Therapy looks different for each person or group. Below are some of the ways I can work with you!

Individual Art Therapy

Individual art therapy is time for you. Bring your goals, challenges, uncertainties and hopes to the art. I will be there to witness, listen & explore your creative & healing capacity with you.

I have experience working with clients who would like to address anxiety, depression, trauma, grief, spiritual or religious transitions, challenges relating to LGBTQ2SAI+ individuals, addictions recovery etc.

I am offering online appointments using the platform Zoom. Each session is an hour and costs $120.*

Group Art Therapy

Healing happens in relationship with others! Art Therapy Groups are created around a specific goal or a need that shared in common. The group is facilitated by Lauren using various Expressive Arts activities. The group provides a space to be witnessed and supported by others who have walked a similar path. The art activities focus on the goals & healing hopes of the group.  

Examples of Art Therapy Groups: Addictions Recovery, LGBTQ+ Support, Cancer Care Support, Groups for specific Mental Health concerns & Mental Illness  

Expressive Arts Workshop

A creative experience for the entire community! Workshops can provide:

  • Education regarding the healing power of creativity
  • Advocacy for the wider community needs & issues
  • Particular wellness goals
  • A way of engaging in conflict & group challenges

Examples of who can use Expressive Arts Workshops: Faith groups, workplace relationship development or conflict management, community associations etc. 

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Due to COVID-19 all services are being offered online.

Service Session LengthOnline In-PersonGroup Rate*
Individual Art Therapy1-hour$120$150NA
Group Art Therapy2-4 hours$60$80$400
4-6 hours$120$150$800
Expressive Arts Workshops2-4 hours$50$80 $300
4-6 hours $100$140$700
Creative Healing Education 1-hour NANA$100
*Group rates are for group art therapy & expressive arts workshops must have 6-12 people to apply. For creative healing education session this does not apply.

Some insurance providers may allow art therapy to be claimed under discretionary healthcare spending accounts. Given that I am still completing my education, I am offering these services at a discounted rate. If money is an obstacle for you, I can offer services on a sliding scale.